Discouraging buglers from choosing their homes is fairly difficult. Not only do thieves tend to know when people are moving out of a home, but they also have an easier time getting around with their loot while avoiding homeowner’s security measures. However, there are some things they can do to discourage burglars from choosing their property as theirs next. Here are tips to help them do that.

Lighting Is Everything

Light is the best weapon against burglars. If a house or an apartment is dark and not well-lit, thieves are less likely to choose it as a target. This isn’t just limited to the exterior of buildings, as interior lighting can also help to deter burglars.

Avoid an Empty Appearance

Nothing says burglar haven like a house that gives an empty appearance. Criminals are more likely to avoid a house or apartment that looks lived in, such as cleaning up leaves or putting out toys or items used by previous residents.

Make It Look Like Someone Lives There

Criminals are less likely to target homes with families living there, even if they don’t live there. It is better to overdo this than not enough to make it believable slightly. Renting out an apartment would be a good idea, especially if one is planning to move out soon anyway.

Do Not Showcase Valuables

Thieves are attracted to easy targets, and when they see that a part of a home is very valuable, they are less likely to pass up the opportunity. While it is alright to show off some valuables, there should not be too many on display.

Make Entry Difficult

The best deterrent to burglars is a good set of locks. For this reason, it should be a priority to ensure that doors and windows are locked. Also, do not leave a back door or area where criminals can easily enter the home unlocked.

Eliminate Blind Spots

It is not good to have an area near where thieves can hide. Sometimes, people neglect to check their windows and skylights for signs of burglars and other scavengers.

Beef Up The Doors

Doors are one of the first things burglars will look for, so it is important always to have double doors with a deadbolt lock. If the doors on an apartment building are left open and easy to get into, an alarm system could be installed.

Lighting, maintaining the illusion that someone is living in the home, and making it difficult for burglars to enter are good ways of decreasing the chances of being burglarized.