Technology has forever altered the ways of the security industry. These days, security systems come in all shapes and sizes. It’s easier than ever to customize a system to meet an individual’s needs.

Still, it’s essential to do more than merely rely on a single security system to keep your household safe. There are plenty of steps one can take to help increase security, with many of those options being affordable and straightforward.

Ditch the Hide-a-Key

Hide-a-keys may sound like a good idea, especially if somebody in your household consistently locks themselves out of the house. However, they are a significant security risk to any home.

By their very nature, hide-a-keys have to be easily accessible and relatively memorable. Potential burglars know very well where the homeowners are likely to hide their keys and will check those places first. 

Know Your Locks

Ensuring that the doors are fitted with proper locks is an easy way to increase the security of a household. Standard locks use a “Yale” fitting. This system is less secure than alternatives such as Mortice locks

Furthermore, many households focus solely on door locks – overlooking window locks altogether. Check your window locks. Make sure that they are functional, and more importantly, secure.

Security Signs

Typical burglars and thieves are looking for the easiest mark possible. The simple act of hanging a security sign out front can be a deterrent to most criminals. After all, even the implication of having a system raises the risk to those looking for something easy. This method has been proven effective – even for homes without security systems.

Secure Your Garage

When securing your household – don’t forget the garage. The garage entryway has become a popular target for criminals, in part due to the fact that it is so frequently overlooked. Even if they can’t get into the house through the garage, they can certainly gain access to all sorts of expensive items worth nabbing. For this reason, garages without windows (or covered windows) are more secure. If nothing else, they will hide any items from sight.

Motion Sensors

Motion detecting lighting has gone down in price, making them more accessible. Motion-activated lights are an easy way to scare off any potential intruders for pretty obvious reasons. This feature can be handy for anyone who travels frequently.