If you live in a safe neighborhood with low crime rates, chances are you are unaware of how lucky you are. These figures typically go hand in hand with other metrics, such as a low unemployment rate and a highly educated populace, in addition to relaxing public spaces such as parks. 

Some areas don’t start out that way. Despite it being a highly controversial issue, it is a known fact that formally crime-centric areas tend to become safer when they are gentrified. Other alternatives to gentrification are urban renewal or neighborhood revitalizing campaigns. Both of which aim to keep low-income families in mind throughout improvements. 

If you live in an area that could use a little help, there are many community-based projects that you can join in order to work as a team. In addition, make sure your citizen groups work together with local enforcement agencies to solve common issues. If there are specific concerns, such as vandalism, it can be helpful to set up a community watch program to patrol areas. CCTV cameras are another way of holding people accountable when they commit crimes. In addition, make sure that all public areas are well-lit. Don’t make it easier for a potential criminal to carry out a crime. 

If you as a citizen do spot something suspicious, there are now multiple ways of contacting law enforcement. You can even combine your dog walking necessities with your neighborhood watch duties by being an extra set of eyes and ears for your local crime awareness. Free apps such as AlertID’s McGruff Mobile displays a virtual neighborhood where members can share photos or information with neighbors, police, and even homeland security. The app can also display emergency alerts, such as crime and sex offender warnings.

Another thing that brings the community together is a sense of pride and accomplishment. Hold a town-wide event where you come together to plant trees or clean up trash. People are more inclined to take care of something if they have a hand in making it beautiful. Parks and exercise equipment are other ways to attract a healthy environment. Encourage people to enjoy shared public spaces by making them places they want to enjoy. Disc golf and exercise circuits along park paths are very popular for people of all ages.