Keeping their internet connection safe and secure is necessary for modern-day life. It is crucial to stay protected from hackers and other threats that steal their personal information and keep themselves from getting into trouble with the law. The internet is notorious for having a lot of shady characters with bad intentions, and it can be hard to know how to avoid being hacked. 

This article will teach them what to do to protect themselves online and keep their identity protected even if someone tries to steal it!

1. Change the default name and password of their home network

Each router has a default name and password that can be used to get online. This makes it easy for people with malicious intentions to access their information. Change the default name and password so that only they know them. This will make it very hard for anyone else to gain the information they need to access their home network.

2. Create a home guest network

Creating a guest network is another great way to secure their home network. Their guests can use this network to get online. All the host needs to do is create a unique name and password for the network, then they can give this information out to their guests to get online. This ensures that only their guests will be connected to the internet.

3. Turn on WiFi network encryption

Encryption is a great way to protect their home network. This encrypts all the traffic that passes through their router, which will keep them safe from hackers that may be able to see it. It also prevents others from accessing their private information and can prevent others from being able to steal it.

4. Turn on their router firewall

Turning on the firewall of their router is another great way to increase their security. This will prevent others from being able to access the home network at all. It also blocks any traffic that does not have a proper passcode which helps them protect themselves online.

5. Update their router’s firmware

Once they have created a guest network, it is crucial to ensure that their router’s firmware is up to date. This makes sure that any new updates will be installed when they do.

6. Disable remote access

Disabling remote access is a great way to ensure that others will not be able to access the network from outside their home. This should only be done with trusted computers, as this is a very effective way to protect their network.

These are some of the many things people can do to keep their Internet connection safe and secure. These tips will help them protect themselves online and ensure they can stay safe no matter the threat lurking online. Protecting a home network is very important, especially in today’s world, where many threats are present online.