There is no place in the world that can make you feel as safe and secure as your home. Unfortunately, all of the comforts of home are instantly destroyed if a burglar enters the house. It can potentially take years to get rid of the uneasy feeling of knowing someone illegally entered your home. Since this is one of the last things you want to happen, here are four crime prevention tips for your home.

Inspect the House

It is important to inspect the exterior of your home to spot any potential security weaknesses. If you can spot an easy entry point, then there is a very good chance that a burglar will see it too. Secure all of the potential entry points. It is also a good idea to trim the trees and bushes near your house. This will make it harder for a criminal to stay concealed before attempting to enter the house.

No Outdoor Key

You may be tempted to always keep a spare key somewhere outside, but this habit just invites criminals into your home. Getting temporarily locked out of the house is much better than having someone steal your belongings. If you have a tendency to forget your keys a lot, then make sure to give a spare key to a neighbor or friend. They can always come open the door if you are locked out.

Make It Look Like Your Home

Burglars do not want to risk a confrontation, so they primarily choose to enter homes that are empty. This is why it is important to always make the house appear occupied. Leave the lights on when you go out for the night. Turn on the television before going to work in the morning. It is well worth the cost of a small increase in the electric bill to protect the house.

Talk to the Neighbors

There is not an easier or more effective way to secure your home than by being friendly with the neighbors. They will happily keep an eye on your home when you are gone. Since they live next door, it is very easy for them to spot unusual activity at your house. This early intervention will get the cops to your home before the burglars can escape.